What We Do

Engaging and empowering events people in the delivery of unforgettable experiences.

People deliver good events every day. But a great event is so much more. It’s an opportunity for people to connect with brands and businesses through a shared experience. In our experience, technology has the power to unlock this potential, and deliver a deeper level of engagement. Compelling, relevant, immersive moments that can last a lifetime.

By partnering with clients from the very beginning, we’re able to create comprehensive and seamless technology solutions, ranging from RFID and Beacons, to spectacular Augmented Reality. However, we never lose sight of the fact that it’s people who make a great event. So we focus just as much on driving deeper connections between your audience, brand ambassadors, stakeholders and event staff. That way, we’re able to help transform audiences into fans, and fans into consumers.

Live + Digital = Total Brand Immersion

Extending your reach.

Powered by social media, we’re able to extend the reach of your live experience far beyond the confines of the event itself. So, as well as engaging thousands of people at a live event, we can amplify to millions more in real time.

RFID Social Media Interactive enables them to collect interesting content, earn rewards, engage with interactive exhibits and share it all on social media, simply by tapping their unique RFID tag.

Engage + Measure = Actionable Intelligence

Automated data capture.

By tracking attendees, we can automate data capture and information delivery – developing a sharp understanding of their movements and preferences.

Not only does this enable you to evolve your event in real time, it can also provide a wealth of data to help engage audiences beyond the event, and help shape future experiences.