We transform events by combining technology and people, in order to take experiences from good to great



We never forget the importance of the end-user experience



A collaborative partner to all our clients



Appreciated for our insights and expertise in live experiences



It's only 'wow' when it works



We can support you for the entire lifespan of a project



We awaken the fan inside every event attendee by connecting them to the experience



Continual improvement is in our DNA


We’re here to transform the world of events, one unforgettable experience at a time.


Think about your audience. They’re not attendees, or delegates. They’re participants and fans. They want to get involved, make memories, and feel part of something bigger. That’s true engagement – and it can help you build a lifelong relationship with them.


A truly unforgettable moment is one that we want to tell everyone about. Our solutions seamlessly integrate social media into the experience itself, making it easier for people to share their favourite experiences with the wider world.


A great event isn’t measured in terms of spend. It’s the value that really matters. We can uncover the information that counts, and demonstrate the true ROI of your experience.


The better you understand your audiences, the more effectively you can meet their needs. We can recommend a variety of invisible solutions that will take the digital pulse of your event, giving you the insights you need to continually delight and surprise your guests.

We don’t see the world in terms of technology. Instead, we look for solutions to our clients’ problems. That’s why every great project begins with a conversation, rather than a shopping list.